3 Simple Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas
3 Simple Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you are a dedicated person who wants to enhance everything you see, let’s enhance the bathroom decor for Christ’s sake. A bathroom is a place that sometimes is forgotten to get decorated. Now that Christmas is here, sure you have some ornaments or decors materials to bring here. Thus, here are some Christmas bathroom decor ideas for you.

Make use of ornaments

Just name some extra tree ornaments you got in your living room. If you think you don’t want them, bring them here. There’s a lot of space in the bathroom for them. It’s time to extend the celebration right to your bathroom.

For instance, you can hang the bulbs on your shower curtain, wreaths next to your mirror, or garlands around your window. Don’t stop right there, use your wall as a blank canvas and splash them with your little ornaments like snowflakes, stars, or birds. Feel alive, right? Come on, this is Christmas we’re talking.

3 Simple Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas Christmas Bathroom Décor 03

The main decoration of the Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. For the bathroom usually have a small space, you need smaller tree so it can fit. You can arrange three different kinds of Christmas tree as shown in the picture.

image source

3 Simple Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas Christmas Bathroom Décor 02

Hang wreath above the mirror and light it up with a lamp to create a comfortable and warm feeling in the bathroom.

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3 Simple Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas Christmas Bathroom Décor 04

Snowflake ornaments may be a signature for winter decoration, but it stilll very relevant for Christmas and look good in the bathroom.

image source

You must find pinecones in Christmas decoration. So, to make your bathroom feel more christmassy, you should add pinecones to the decoration. Try this simple idea. Arrange pinecones and a white flower on a small bowl then put it next to the candle on the toilet tank.

image source

Put a tree or plant

Those are some ornaments from the tree, and you can still bring more, like the tree itself. If you want to make it simple, you can bring some small plants like terrarium, cactus, or other indoor plants. It’s always nice to see a clean bathroom, right? But you can make it more alive with this stuff.

Wait, you have more ornaments, right? Bring them here. It doesn’t need to as awesome as your tree in the living room. The tree in the bathroom itself has got you the awesomeness. Even if it is too hard to bring a tree, you can put garland or make a design that looks like a tree, for example, like how you arrange your stuff in your cabinet. Trying to get conical is the key.

This mini Christmas tree is perfect for a small space. Arrange it on a round tray with red vase and a bowl of peppermints.

image source

If you want a different decoration in your bathroom, use toilet paper rolls as vases for the plant. Add ribbon to make it look sweet.

image source

You can use your laundry basket as a pot for a little Christmas tree, and place it near the sink.

Decorate the bathtub area with natural garland to create a fresh and comfortable space in the bathroom.

Use some red, white, and green

These colors in winter absolutely belong to winter. It’s Santa Claus. It’s Christmas. You can mind the proportion of your stuff arrangement with this color.

For instance, you can have an all-white wall, then a grassy green carpet, a red shower curtain, and other stuff. You don’t need to make a pattern because this already drives the Jingle Bells ring.

This rustic white bathroom is beautifully decorated with green accent, even the soap is green. The green vintage chair and plaid fabric remind us a little bit of a countryside farmhouse living.

While this white contemporary bathroom comes with red color accent and silver ornaments that make this room look elegant

image source

However, Christmas decoration only perfect when you use the combination of green, red, and white color.

image source

Simple and easy, right? Those are some simple Christmas bathroom decor you can try.


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