3 Luxurious Modern Fireplace Designs Inspirations
3 Luxurious Modern Fireplace Designs Inspirations

A modern fireplace is versatile. It might have “modern” as its title, but it works well on rustic or farmhouse style as well. It also has the advantage of being removable, which allow you to place it on any space in your house.

But which space and what kind of modern fireplace should you get? Well, read along because we have three luxurious fireplace design inspirations just for you.

1. Simple electric inserts modern fireplace

Minimalist design can create one of the most luxurious looks. With simple electric insert modern fireplace, you can create a sophisticated look for your living room. All you need is the electric fireplace and building the medium to place it.

For example, charcoal tiled stacked wood. The black color along with the traditional stacked wood combines a traditional fireplace with contemporary design. Another example is to put it inside a masonry, with a black frame. An antique dining hutch turned into a display cabinet would be a good addition to the room.

Tile all the way down from wall to the floor to give more impact. Pair it with royal blue furniture for an elegant combination.

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A modern fireplace is a perfect approach to your minimalist room. You’ll still feel the cozy and airy vibes in this area.

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You can order a custom shelves that suits your style and insert the modern fireplace in it. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere to the room.

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To create an elongated contemporary room, you can apply this matching pattern idea. Opt for a long rectangular fireplace and furniture.

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2. Hanging futuristic modern fireplace

Instead of inserting the fireplace, this one is attaching the fireplace on the wall. The hanging futuristic fireplace will look unique and luxurious at the same time.

For the design, you can pick various shapes and colors. For example, a hanging black sphere. You can also hang the modern fireplace as a shelf and put books on the other side of the shelf. A petal-like shape for your futuristic modern fireplace is also eye-catching.

This type of modern fireplace is really a game changer to your room. It’s artsy, especially when it’s paired with an artistic painting.

In a minimalist contemporary room, it’s essential to opt for a functional furniture that also has a great value in decoration. This petal shape electric fireplace is one example.

The shelf fireplace here makes this Japanese minimalist inspired room look warm and impressive, but it can also go well in any style of minimalist interior.

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If you have an open-plan space, this type of fireplace can be a great idea for room divider.

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3. More portable modern fireplace

If you can’t decide a permanent place for your fireplace, then use a more portable fireplace instead. It comes in all shape and size, and there are various luxurious designs you can choose.

A portable fireplace in the shape of a red or white Jøtul stove looks amazing. For more luxury look, you can choose a black Thurcroft stove fireplace as well.

You can find various types of portable electric fireplace. Choose the one that suits the theme or style of your house. If you love rustic interior, this one is for you.

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This one can function as a decorative side table too. To make the area feel more airy, choose one that has the same color with the wall.

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The appearance of this black Thurcroft flueless gas stove along with silver decorative items give an add to the elegance of this corner of the house.

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Modern fireplaces are suitable for any season, and extremely versatile thanks to its various design and portability. So, start decorating because these three luxurious fireplace designs inspirations are perfect for your house.


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