Trending Winter Bathroom Decor Ideas To Try
Trending Winter Bathroom Decor Ideas To Try

Winter can be a lovable season despite you will spend more time inside your house and go to the bathroom for peeing. That’s kinda boring if you don’t hack your room. So, with that intensity of visiting your bathroom, begin with this room. Thus, here are some trending winter bathroom decor ideas in 2019 for you to try.

Shower curtain

In a bathroom, a shower curtain is the most visible object you have. So, it is better if you pick an accent or decoration to it. The idea is to add some pic so you can update it anytime. It means you can also develop it to the wall other large objects.

Pick your favorite design for the curtain because you can have anything. For a winter theme, you can try lace ruffle shower curtain because it catapults a warm texture and best for winter. You don’t like it? No problem. The idea is to have a thick or heavy texture. As long as you have the correct fabrics, any design will be okay.

To start, change your shower curtain with one that has Christmas theme pattern. For example, this adorable red deer.

image source

If you like a festive Christmas pattern, this waterproof shower curtain can be your choice.

image source

Simply hanging red Christmas ball ornaments on the rings of your white curtain is already an upgrade for your shower curtain look.

image source

Hang colorful Christmas ball ornaments with ribbons in different lengths for a more beautiful arrangement. You can also place a little red wagon with little Christmas tree on it near the bathtub.

image source

Christmas decor

It is hard to deny that winter is always related to Christmas. It’s a holiday and it’s Christmas again. You just cannot escape, and you don’t need to. So, embrace it!

First thing first, mind the scaling. You don’t wanna have a messy bathroom, right? it will be better if the Christmas ornaments or decorations are hanging on the ceiling or the wall, like garland or eucalyptus. Second, add small accents like one miniature of a snowman, mini Christmas tree, or red and white color scheme as Santa Claus casually wears.

Decorating your bathroom for Christmas is no different from how you decorate other rooms in your house. You can start with hanging a knitted sock behind the door and place a mini Christmas tree on the corner of your sink area.

Fill your toothbrush holder with candy cane ornaments and some green accent to decorate the sink area.

Use natural garland to decorate the mirror, or everywhere else in the bathroom, but not too much. You don’t want your bathroom to end up messy.

image source

Don’t forget the bathtub area. Decorate the area with Christmas ornaments, towel with wreath embroidery, red and white plaid fabric, and red mat.

image source

Warm lightning

It’s quite obvious that winter is about the seek for warmth. Winter is like wearing a jacket every day. Every possible design that can enhance the warmth of your bathroom is a plus. So, apply some color that has a warmth density.

Your warm color, for instance, is warm white with a color temperature of about 2000-3000 Kelvin. This color will create an ambiance of cozy, inviting, calm, and intimate. So, light is important.

To add more warmth to the bathroom, you can place some candles. Use a gravy boat as the candle holder to create a unique look.

image source

You can also add garland with string light and shining ornaments to decorate the bathroom so it feels bright and warm.

image source

Interesting, right? This is already winter, so, try those winter bathroom decor now.


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