Bedroom Apartment Decor 9 Nightstand Ideas
Bedroom Apartment Decor 9 Nightstand Ideas

A nightstand is typically taken for granted until you realize you have no place to put your nighttime necessities like an alarm clock, a reading light, your favorite book or your phone. If there is no space left in your small bedroom apartment decor, you can go beyond for countless creative, space-saving bedside table alternatives.


#1 – A Floating Shelf Above the Bed

This is one of the great solutions if there is no space available next to your bed. You may choose a narrow-sized wall-mounted shelf above the bed as a nightstand substitution.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 09

If you want more space on the shelf, you can attach pendant lamps on both edges of the shelf instead of placing table lamps.

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#2 – Headboard Nightstand

Transform your headboard into a double-duty piece of an alternative nightstand, where you can put your small stuff on it.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 08

Buy a headboard that comes with shelves or modify your headboard by adding shelves.

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#3 – A Bookshelf Behind the Bed

It’s extremely saving the space in a small-sized bedroom apartment decor. By placing the open cubes rack as the headboard, you will have your small library serve as well as a creative nightstand.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 07

A bookshelf headboard is a smart space-saving solution for small bedroom.

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#4 – Small Floating Shelf Next to the Bed

Maximizing a little wall space beside your bed, this wall-mounted shelf can be available in various options like wooden or metal-based ones, ranged from traditional to contemporary flairs.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 06

This type of shelf is also great to fill the small corner space.

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#5 – Corner Wall-Mounted Tiered Shelf

This slim vertical corner floating shelves come in multiple tiers, as well as materials and finishes. You may install it with the lower shelf easily accessible your bed.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 05

You can easily DIY this simple corner shelves. It’s also a great way to add style to your bedroom.

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#6 – A Floor Lamp with Shelves

Another multifunctional solution to your small bedroom apartment decor ideas—a bedside lamp and a bedside table. You can go for a tall floor lamp designed with multiple tiered shelves to hold your nighttime staples.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 04

This lean shelves with lamp doesn’t take much space in the corner but offers plenty of storage space.

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#7 – Pegboard

You can add a wire basket, for example, to keep your nighttime necessities and some other decorative accents like framed pictures or artworks.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 03
Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 03

Good thing about pegboard is you can rearrange it anytime and store stuff you need beyond reach.

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#8 – A Bedside Caddy

This truly practical caddy can be placed between your bed and bed frame.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 02

It’s another great idea to keep everything within reach and help you stay organized.

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#9 – Chair or Stool

Using a chair or stool as a nightstand can be an extremely budget-saving hack. Just mix and match them with the entire interior decor.

Bedroom Apartment Decor Nightstand Ideas 01

This industrial stool looks elegant as nightstand. You can add wood plank for extra storage.

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Having other more crazily creative ideas of the nightstand to complete your small bedroom apartment decor essentials?


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