Easiest Ways To Accomplish A French Country Kitchen Design
Easiest Ways To Accomplish A French Country Kitchen Design

The first thing that comes to mind about French country kitchen may be a traditional grandmother’s kitchen decorated with French baskets, toile curtains, collectible plates, and the iconic ceramic roosters. Well, it’s not quite wrong; you can make the space stunning with little addition of practical and functional modern features. Here’s the inspiration on how to.

Luxurious Copper Cookware

Copper cookware like pots and pans are the perfect investment in a French kitchen. Cooper-made pans are a great cooking ware because they are a great heat conductor. It’s important to make sure your copper cooking ware is lined because of copper reactive to acids that potentially leach copper into food and cause toxic.

French Country Kitchen Design 12

The pretty color of copper cookwares is great to add the aesthetic in your kitchen.

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French Country Kitchen Design 11

Display them over the stove for decoration and easy access.

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Exposed Beams

Exposed beams add a perfect feeling of rusticity to your kitchen. Install them beyond the kitchen island to enhance the space. They will also provide a sturdy place to mount the lighting you need.

French Country Kitchen Design 10

The exposed beams also define the focal point of the kitchen.

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French Country Kitchen Design 09

Parallel beams create the illusion of a leaner room. It helps small kitchens to look wider.

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High Ceilings

If you have a high ceiling in your kitchen, then you are blessed. You can easily create a balance of refined and cozy French country feel by installing a chic wrought-iron pendant into your high ceiling.

French Country Kitchen Design 08

High ceiling can add drama to the interior.

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French Country Kitchen Design 07

Consider adding skylights for more natural light in the kitchen.

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Add Plenty of Blooms

The easiest way to accomplish a French country kitchen look is filling the space with an arrangement of flowers in classic French vases. This way also creates an airier room.

French Country Kitchen Design 06

A simple flower arrangement is enough to refresh and beautify the room.

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French Country Kitchen Design 05

You can add more and place them around the kitchen, like by the window near the sink.

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French Style Range Hood

Installing a range hood in your kitchen is super functional because it helps to remove smoke, airborne grease, fumes, and heat. A classic French style range hood not only provides all the functions but also creates a contemporary statement.

French Country Kitchen Design 04

It looks classic with the traditional range hood shape and wood trim.

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French Country Kitchen Design 03

In a modern French kitchen, the shape of the range hood is modified to create a more sleek design.

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Classic Kitchen Cabinet

Your French kitchen might already have all the elements, wooden floor, large pendant lighting, and even a rooster artwork. You can add an off-white cabinet with gray-colored granite countertops to complete the country look.

French Country Kitchen Design 02

Classic white kitchen cabinets are timeless, this will enhance your French kitchen style.

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French Country Kitchen Design 01

For a more dramatic look, pair the classic white cabinet with rustic wooden kitchen island and decorate with pink roses.

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French style is timeless and iconic. Accomplishing a French country kitchen design is not as hard as you think, just follow these simple guides as a start.


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