Choose Your Favorite Home Exterior Paint Colors
Choose Your Favorite Home Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors or applying your favorite home exterior paint colors can be quite challenging. The best paint colors are those that can highlight the best curb appeal of your house. Certain colors work well for different home design styles. Learn the best one for your living space.


1 – White

This color can be a perfect blank paper or canvas to paint anything outstanding. White offers such an elegant and clean look to any home design style. You can play with various accent colors as well. Black and white always click together. But, white, black, and gray can be a perfect trio.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 12

An all white facade can be a great option to raise the value of your house.

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Home Exterior Paint Colors 11

Or, use a different color for the roof. Any color will be great since white is neutral.

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2 – Beige

For a clean and neutral look, you go for beige as the paint color for your home exterior. It works great with white accent. You can pair the whites to the trims, shutters or front door.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 10

The unexpected bright blue door refreshes the facade look and make the house feel more inviting.

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Home Exterior Paint Colors 08

You can combine beige exterior with black shutters for a more modern and elegant look.


3 – Gray

Gray, in all shades, is a highly popular paint color for both home interior and exterior. You can complement it with other various accent colors. For example, a light gray home exterior with white or black accents never goes wrong. Gray is a trending color scheme that will never go out of style.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 07

Gray will work well with white trims and warm orange roof.

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Home Exterior Paint Colors 06

Combine different shades of gray to make your traditional-style house look more standout.

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4 – Brown

If you pursue a rustic home, opt for dark brown since it creates a warm and welcoming feel. You may add deep brownish exterior paint colors with other accents of light brown, tan or white. Sometimes dark green or deep red are also used as accent hues.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 05

Brown is a great color that blends nicely with brick walls.

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5 – Navy Blue

Navy blue is a very dark tint of blue. You can combine this bold paint color with an accent of white, or for a striking effect, add a red painted front door.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 04

It can be an alternative color to rock dark and dramatic exterior instead of black.

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Home Exterior Paint Colors 03

Add hints of bright colors to make it look more cheerful.

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6 – Green

Dubbed as the new rising star for home exterior, light sage green goes great with white, muted red or terracotta.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 02

If you like a house that blends with the natural surrounding, green is for you.

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7 – Red

Choosing red will evoke highly bolder impact. To soften or compliment it, you can play with neutral accents like white or gray.

Home Exterior Paint Colors 01

If you dare to be bold with red, this idea is for you.

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Despite the thought-provoking choices, have you decided which home exterior paint colors you going to pick?


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