4 Unique And Impressive Ideas To Decorate Your Dining Room Buffet
4 Unique And Impressive Ideas To Decorate Your Dining Room Buffet

If there’s an item that serves more than one practical uses of the house, that item would be a dining room buffet. The console offers you space for storage, excellent decorative and a perfect place for cute ornaments above it as well.

When placed in a dining room, a buffet can also be used to put off-duty cutlery. However, you can use more than that to make your dining table an extraordinary item in your dining space. To make the most of it, here are four amazing ideas for you.


1. Table Lamps and Painting

Even if your buffet offers a unique and astonishing design, it is always such a waste to leave it empty. One way to create a decorative spot is by placing two table lamps on each side of the sideboards. Pick lightings with pretty lampshades. Then, between the two fixtures lean a frameless contemporary painting. You can also add two chairs on the side of the buffet and place cushions which are matching with the lampshades.

Dining Room Buffet 12

Pick a theme to define your style. Coastal blue can be a good one.

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Dining Room Buffet 11

Dark tones can add drama to the space, especially when it’s illuminated. You can create a dramatic look by pairing the dark painting frame with dark lampshades.

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Dining Room Buffet 10

For a modern and luxurious feel, try minimalist black and white with a touch of gold.

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2. Wide Mirrors and Buffet Lamps

For a console with expensive-looking design, the best way to elevate the elegance is by placing luxury items as well. Place large-scale mirrors with gold brass frames along with classic, classy table lamps in brass finishes. For a little contrast of the gold domination, place herbs in a tall transparent vase.

Dining Room Buffet 09

Decorating with mirrors can add dimension that makes the room will feel more spacious and airy.

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Dining Room Buffet 08

The trick really helps for a narrow space.

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Dining Room Buffet 07

To improve the style, you can install sconces instead of placing table lamps.

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Dining Room Buffet 06

Or, use white candles to create a romantic ambiance.

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3. Small Portraits and Medium Mirrors

Is it weird to hang multiple photos above the dining room buffet? Since decorating the console has no exact limitation, then as long as the decoration pleases your eyes, it will be a great deal. To give you the picture of it, hang several small black-and-white portraits in a different size. Combine them with a vintage mirror with matching borders.

Dining Room Buffet 05

You can create a gallery wall out of your family portraits to make your dining feel more entertaining and nostalgic.

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Dining Room Buffet 04

Use round mirror to soften the look.

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Dining Room Buffet 03

It really depends on the available space and the proportion you want to form. If you don’t want to disturb the symmetry and balance of the buffet area, the mirror can go on the other wall.

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4. Vintage Wall Clock and Small Greeneries

The vintage wall clock will look great with a rustic buffet. Hang a classic wall clock featuring Roman numerals. Then, place some pretty small flower ornaments. If you’re into artificial flowers, it is indeed a brilliant idea to put small living plants above your sideboard.

Dining Room Buffet 02

If you have a vintage side table, you can create this classic look by painting the table gray and refresh it by adding some greenery.

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Dining Room Buffet 01

The vintage clock enhances the rusticity and makes for a sweet decoration for this French country dining room.

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Explore the blank space above your dining room buffet and hollow sight over it. With a little touch or artistic items, cute small ornaments, statement-making mirror, or classic pieces, turn your ordinary console into something extraordinary.


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