5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas

The open kitchen is a concept in which many people stick to for these recent years. The open kitchen design ideas eliminate the border between the kitchen and the dining room or living room. It provides an airier nuance and gives a spacious look to a tiny house.

Since the concept tries to maximize the limited space left, the open kitchen design ideas boost the functionality with the help of some multifunctional furniture such as kitchen island, open shelves, or cabinet with the oven in it. Let’s get minimalist modern vibes and behold on our best open modern kitchen picks:


Bright Kitchen

A bright kitchen is always inviting and gives maximum comfort. Its practical look comes from the compact furniture that doubles both as the decorative pieces and the storage. All the things are in broken white color except the kitchen backsplash that features black marble material.

5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 01

For an ultra modern look, try this black and white color scheme.

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5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 02

This all white small kitchen with stainless steel accent looks classic and elegant.

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A Multifunctional Kitchen Island

A kitchen island plays an important role in open kitchen design ideas. It is a multifunction piece where you can keep all the kitchen pieces of equipment, do food preparation, and also entertain the family members. Add some bar stool to make it a perfect place to chill out.

5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 03

To maximize the entertaining space, make sure the island can seat all of the family members.

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5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 04

Always opt for a kitchen island with storage, especially when you have a small kitchen.

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Add Natural Touch as Divider

Incorporating the wood element to your open kitchen design is always a good option. The kitchen counter is made of natural wood, and it can also be a divider between the kitchen and other places at home. An indoor plant is a perfect companion.

5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 05

Install wood slat divider, it can give you privacy without blocking the space.

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5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 06

Green plants not only refresh the room, it can also give you some privacy. If you can’t place big planters as room divider, you can place an open shelving and fill it with small potted plants.

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A Straightforward Kitchen

You can always try on some visionary idea to present the kitchen in your house, such as this straightforward kitchen that lies aside the living room. The sleek kitchen is a compact space that only features a few elements: ultra-glossy cabinet, a counter, and a tiny kitchen island.

5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 07

This kitchen is not only seamlessly connected to the living room but also to the outdoor space which makes it feel really bright and airy.

5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 08

The straightforwardness of this kitchen is determined by the bold red sofa.

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The Border Through Flooring

The best option for kitchen flooring is usually easy to clean material such as marble or vinyl ceramics. You can present the easy-to-clean flooring only in the kitchen space. It can also be functioned as the border between the kitchen and the other rooms.

5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 09

Different flooring also helps to define spaces. You can create this beautiful floor transition by combining hexagonal tiles and wood flooring.

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5 Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas 10

If you can’t replace the flooring, you can simply add a large rug to ground a space.

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As the heart of the home where the family members prepare the best food, presenting the best open kitchen design ideas is a must! Let’s try the greatest idea for your house.


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