3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas

Having a garden is essential in every house, but some people may not have a large spare space for a garden. Therefore, they must settle in what they have by utilizing a small space. Managing a small garden can be quite tricky because you do not have much room for decorations. However, it does not mean that your options are limited; you can plant some flowers and install a fountain. Speaking of fountains, here are 3 small garden fountain ideas.


The Shishi-odoshi comes from Japan. In a wide sense, it refers to a device that is made to scare away animals that are a threat to crops. However, it is also classified as a garden fountain. The shishi-odoshi itself is consist of the bamboo tube, which will be filled with water by a water pump, then the bamboo tube revolves and makes a clanking sound as a result of the bottom of the bamboo hitting a rock beneath it. This type of fountain does not need a large space, and it is commonly found in traditional Japanese gardens. The shishi-odoshi will add a Japanese ambience and liven up your garden with the sound of pouring water and the clanking sound.

3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 01

Shishi-odoshi is usually placed by the pond, but for a small space you can use rock basin.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 02

Simplicity is one of Japanese style characteristic, so it is suitable for a small garden.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 03

Different sizes of shishi-odoshi produce different sounds and different interval between clanks.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 04

If you don’t like the sound it makes, you can opt for this Japanese bamboo water fountain.

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Window Pane Fountain

The window pane fountain is another idea for your small garden. It gives you a modern feel; the look of falling water along the see-through creates cool scenery and a calming sound. Before installing it, you can manage the size of the window pane. You have the freedom to arrange the budget that you are willing to spend, what materials you want to use, and where you want to put it in your garden. Please consider installing it where it is safe from threats or hazards that can damage the window pane.

3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 05

This type of water fountain is great for narrow spaces.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 06

The fountain adds elegance to the centerpiece of the garden.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 07

This water fountain is less expensive and you can easily DIY.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 08

To give an illusion of a more spacious garden, you can use mirror.

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Bubbling Rock

Bubbling rock is embedded with a pump kit inside the boulder, then the pump moves water through the rock to the top and flows down to the sides of the boulder. The bubbling rock is a type of fountain that can be installed in your small garden, and it does not need a large space to occupy. Another advantage of bubbling rock is low maintenance; you just need to fill the reservoir to replace the for the water that evaporated.

3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 09

Running water feature is soothing and good for relaxing. Besides, this bubbling rock is eye-catching and make the garden look more interesting.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 10

Stone is a strong natural elements, it’s a great material to create statement in the garden.

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3 Small Garden Fountain Ideas 11

For a more modern look, you can use square stones.

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Those are small garden fountain ideas, which one are you interested in?


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